I am the Champion

Talia (left) and her teammate at the completion of the 2015 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. 

Talia (left) and her teammate at the completion of the 2015 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. 

I joined Marathon High freshman year just to try it and i fell in love with it. Monday and Wednesday’s after school were perfect times to go run. The trainers are nice and sweet but also strict and tough. It was so much fun.

At first it was hard. I wasn’t a distance runner when I first started but i am now. We would run fast for a minute and jog the other minute and repeat for 30 minutes. Other times we would run 40 minutes straight. My favorite days were when we would run on the track to time our mile. On those days i saw progress and it kept me going.

Marathon day is the day that i will never forget. I remember waking up sick to my stomach but i wasn’t sick it was my nerves. I was soooooo nervous and excited that i just wanted to get it over with. I was bouncing off walls just to calm myself down. It was crazy but it will always be the best day ever. During the marathon i was telling myself “i cant believe I’ve made it this far” my hard work pain off. I was also distracted by all the support we had. There were funny signs like ‘ Run if i was behind you’ and the person holding the sign had a Jason mask on or ‘Run like if there were zombies chasing you.’ Not only signs but there were bands playing while we were running. It was super awesome! After the marathon i wasn’t tired. I was too proud to be tired. I had a smile on my face. In my mind i kept thinking,”I finished a half marathon, i did it and I have a medal to prove it. I am a champion!” I felt like chicken little when he was singing on his bed,” i am the champion!!”

Before running  a marathon i don’t know what I was capable of. I didn’t think that i could do it. I’m not the type of person to give up easily but i really did think that i couldn’t do it but after i actually accomplished running a half marathon i knew that i can do it. After i realized that i was ready for the next year. I was more confident and i was ready. I was ready for the next year. This year, my sophomore year i was better than i was before.

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! Get ready Marathon High next year I’m going to be a best Junior!!!

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