Karhindo Musongera – Running is the best

Voice of a coach

Go and run the Marathon

Use your legs to run

And make your dream come true.

Follow what your heart tells you.

And you will live happily.


Voice of the runner

I wonder if it’s that simple?

I am black, thin, female, born by two Congoles immigrant parents.

I lived one part of my life in the Equatorial weather of Congo.

And the other part in the hot weather of Uganda. And seven months in the un-predictable weather of Texas.

I have always exercised and I was also a soccer player.

Running has been on positive part of who I am.


It’s not easy to know what true for me or you. But now that I have ran 18 miles- I guese what I feel, and see and hear are all the parts of I’m.

I hear myself running after the scouts whenever I saw them. And I remember feeling wonderful running 18 miles.

I never felt happier than running 18 miles. I hear my natural paths in Uganda when my fellow scouts and I were running. And now am almost free and love running.

 So will my dream of running be possible in a country where most students are ever on their phones listening to music or playing games on computers, but don’t run and do sports.

To belong to a support system like Marathon High, a group of people who also supports running is what I need. It’s not really difficult to run the way I prefers as long as Marathon High is with me.


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